V/A - Вони не пройдуть - No Pasaran (2CD)

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Premiera: 17.06.2022 Kompilacja benefitowa (2CD) na pomoc Ukrainie od artystów związanych z wytwórnią Trost.

They Shall Not Pass  /  No Pasaran!
Live on planet earth - in the spirit of freedom, peace and solidarity

As we saw the horrible events going on in the Ukraine, we wanted to do something as a label as well beside donating on a personal level. many (trost related) artists answered right away and were enthusiastic to participate. the material-collecting and mastering took some time, but sadly it is still an issue and no-one knows how long this despicable war will last. the title of the compilation is "No Pasaran" (they shall not pass) translated into Ukrainian. it was a shout in the 30s to defend democracy in spain, to fight against the fascists.

big thanks to all artists, bookers, venues and helpers involved.
the great work of Martin Siewert and Lasse Marhaug was happening in support of this project, longtime cd pressing company Gusstaff Records made a special price and the austrian SKE fonds gave financial support.

all proceeds of this compilation are donated to an artist-run Ukrainian aid organisation helping victims of the war, recommended by Ken Vandermark

Production: Konstantin Drobil
Mix: Lasse Marhaug (The Thing)
Mastering: Martin Siewert, Lasse Marhaug (The Thing)
Artwork: Lasse Marhaug

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7 Snekkestad / Guy / Fernandez - Ripples 2018
8 The End - Translated Slaughter 2019
9 Schnee - No Time 2018
10 Jim O'Rourke - Live 2010
11 InAWhirl - Nido IV 2021
12 Joelle Leandre - Live 2013
13 Also - Twelve 2021
14 Amado / Corsano - Seeking 2019
15 Caspar Brötzmann Bass Totem - When Black Days Never Ends Part 1 2021
16 Bruch - Sugary 2017
17 Vandermark / Kurzmann / Kern - Swan Song 2021
18 The Thing - Live 2017 Part 4