Kodiak / Nadja - split [CD]

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NADJA: ''In doom and drone, genres where much of the stuff can sound remarkably similar, here is a band that stands apart as a beacon. Nadja have the deep drones and all the darkness of doom, but also have intricate melodies that permeate their long dirges...What's commendable about Nadja is the alchemical experimentation with the genres resulting in a unique concoction of doom metal, drone, shoegazer layering, and avant-rock explorations''

KODIAK: is not a band that you just play for enjoyment; It needs time and attention, but when it locks you in its slowly developing, pachyderm-paced punishing groove, Kodiak has a lot to offer, proving that monotony and monolithic heaviness are enough to make great songs, if you know how. Kodiak definitely know it.