Kiasmos - Blurred EP [vinyl 12"+downloadcode]]

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Kiasmos mark their return in 2017 with a new 12” EP titled Blurred.
Since their 2015 Swept EP, the duo have been performing shows extensively across the world. After
writing and recording together in their native Iceland this year, the pair will be bringing a glimpse of light
to a particularly gloomy time of year as their light sounds are brighter than ever.
Words from Ólafur and Janus, August 2017:
“To write new material felt like a new beginning for us after two years of touring. The plan was to write
something a tad darker than our previous stuff. Spring in Reykjavík had other plans though, as this
turned out to be our brightest release to date.” — Janus Rasmussen
“Stimming was one of the reasons we started making four-on-the-floor music and we have been listening
to Bonobo since we were young, so it was a great honour that they wanted to contribute remixes for the
EP.” — Ólafur Arnalds
The EP closes with remixes from British producer Bonobo and German electronic musician Stimming,
taking tracks Blurred and Paused into different coloured realms.
The cover art featuring the iconic Kiasmos symbol is by long-time Erased Tapes collaborator Torsten
Posselt at FELD.

1) Shed 05:35
2) Blurred 05:06
3) Jarred 05:36
4) Paused 05:27
5) Blurred (Bonobo Remix) 06:01
6) Paused (Stimming Remix) 07:11

Kiasmos - Blurred (Official Music Video) from Erased Tapes on Vimeo.