Peter Muffin Trio - Stuttgart 21

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Premiera: 21.01.2022

The trio consists of Julian Knoth, also known from Post-Punk/Noise-Rock 3-piece Die Nerven, Caroline d’Orville from Zirkel and Karies' drummer and Julian's brother Philipp Knoth. The music draws on elements from Punk to Indie. On their 1st full-length the band explores a wide range of stunning underground music. Ranging from Noiserock to early Violent Femmes-style acoustic Punk. From Nat King Cole to The God Machine and everything in between.

"This trio's Stuttgart's the only one Punkband" wrote Diffus Magazine, that recently premiered the first single An Allen Tagen. The band hails from Stuttgart, Germany. The album title Stuttgart 21 aims at a railway and urban development project officially announced in 1994. The first construction work began on 2nd February 2010 (!). In March 2013, total costs were officially estimated at 6.5 billion Euros. Now the start of operation is expected in late 2025...

The 11 songs on Stuttgart 21 were recorded within two sessions at Bear Cave Studio, Cologne by producer Nicolas Epe (The Screenshots, Illegale Farben).