Klangwart - Transit

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Since 18 years now electronic duo Klangwart occupy self-confidently their very own niche between Avantgarde and Pop. Markus Detmer and Timo Reuber, the two 'elder statesmen' of neo-Krautrock, are since regarded as the most authentic heirs to the psychedelic sound gurus of the '70s.

Titled 'Transit' their new album after 'Sommer' (2010) is a real masterpiece: Nine tracks of otherworldly beauty – energetic, organic, unpredictable. Thousands of sound snippets are assembled to a kind of vegetative music. Pulsing beats interact with weightless floating sounds. Everything is in a constant flow – sometimes in slow motion, other times at a tearing pace.

'Transit' stays at any time highly concentrated and dense. The longest track clocks in at only five minutes – unusual for Klangwart. The production by sound guru Joseph Suchy appears almost three-dimensional whereupon space is an equal element of composition. That's cosmic music for the 21st century.


Markus and Timo first met in Cologne as students of musicology in a seminar on electronic music in 1992. Spontaneous mutual sympathy due to a shared interest in all kinds of New Music, especially the minimal musics of Steve Reich and Terry Riley. Four years later, the idea of making music together is put into action. Starting point of their musical collaboration are intensive joint listening experiences. They discover the pioneering music of the "Krautrock" era while at the same time taking in the exciting developments and innovations within Cologne's electronic music scene of the 1990s, which centred around Thomas Brinkmann, Burnt Friedman, Mouse On Mars and Pluramon.
During their initial improvisations, Markus and Timo quickly found common musical ground. In the ensuing all night recording-sessions they developed their own musical language as well an idiosyncratic working method. They see themselves as "music workers" and "sound explorers". In a dream, the idea of the "Klangstelle" is born, with Markus and Timo as "sound station attendants", who "refuel" the curious listener with unusual sounds and acoustic environments.


Inkiek 3“CD (Klangstelle, 1997)
Immerland MC (Klangstelle, 1997)
Köln-Olpe LP (Klangstelle, 1998)
Zwei LP (Klangstelle, 1999)
Stadtlandfluss CD/LP/DL (Staubgold, 2008)
Sommer CD/LP/DL (Staubgold, 2010)
Transit CD/LP/DL (Staubgold, 2014)


1. Ante
2. Passage I
3. Express
4. Station
5. Transit
6. Plateau
7. Passage II
8. Exile
9. Rendezvous