Peter Broderick - Music For Falling From Trees

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Peter Broderick w ciągu jednego roku wyrósł na światowej klasy, szanowanego muzyka i kompozytora. Poza solowymi projektami chętnie wchodzi w kolaboracje z twórcami o różnych orientacjach muzycznych, jak np. Machinefabrik. Niniejszy album to muzyka, którą Broderick skomponował do tanecznego przedstawienia "Falling From Trees" grupy Neon Productions, którym przewodniczy londyńska artystka-choreograf Adrienne Hart.


By now, Peter Broderick's credentials need no repeating; his solo albums have quickly become among the most respected in the recent modern classical canon, but his talents stretch far beyond that, venturing into singer-songwriter genres for his Type/Bella Union outing Home, and stretching further beyond that for his contributions to the output of Danish post-rock band Efterklang. This latest set of recordings comes from Broderick's score for a modern dance piece, commissioned by London-based choreographer Adrienne Hart of Neon Productions. The brief demanded a piano and strings-based score, and so Broderick sticks diligently to these instructions, creating a sublime thirty-minute piece divided into seven sections. In keeping with works such as Float, Music For Falling From Trees is an album characterised by a languid, supine beauty that drips effortlessly from Broderick's rich, melancholy arrangements. As modern composition goes this is all unabashedly under the thrall of romanticism, yet by no means is i t a one-dimensional affair: after the drifting loveliness of the first two parts, Broderick engages with a brisk, staccato section for 'Part 3: Pill Induced Slumber', giving a first real indication of how the composer's agenda has been shaped by the quintessentially kinetic realm of choreography. The piece develops into a wild and noisy affair, revealing a real sense of energy and a brief glimpse of an anarchic streak as the music slips momentarily into discordance. Elsewhere Broderick dabbles in otherworldly drone on 'Part 4: The Dream' and goes on to showcase his potential as a more cinematically inclined soundtracker, fashioning a wonderfully expansive and evocative stretch of music for 'Part 6: Electroconvulsive Shock'. It's all at the highest standard, yet tantalisingly, you always feel that there's much more to come from this artist as he continues to mature. Music For Falling From Trees is a very fine thing indeed, though as ever with multimedia projects like this, you inevitably crave access to the visual component. Nevertheless, Broderick's music paints its own vivid and very opulent picture and makes for another utterly indispensable release from this uniquely gifted artist. Highly Recommended.


part 1: an introduction to the patient
part 2: patient observation
part 3: pill induced slumber
part 4: the dream
part 5: awaken / panic / restraint
part 6: electroconvulsive shock
part 7: the path to recovery