Nils Frahm - Solo [vinyl LP+downloadcode]

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Nowa płyta Nilsa Frahma przygotowana przez Erased Tapes w tajemnicy. Ma być niespodzianką dla fanów, bez żadnej akcji promocyjnej, bez zapowiedzi, po prostu jest. Z okazji Światowego Dnia Fortepianu (29.03.2015), który zresztą ustanowił sam Nils z przyjacólmi. Na CD i LP. W Polsce od 10. kwietnia. Tylko w Gusstaff Rec. i zaprzyjaźnionych sklepach.

01. Ode
02. Some
03. Circling
04. Merry
05. Chant
06. Wall
07. Immerse!
08. Four Hands

Nils Frahm reveals new ‘Solo’ album and the ‘Klavins 450’ piano project on the world’s first Piano Day!
Berlin-based composer Nils Frahm has fast become known as a prolific performer and recording artist with the piano at the core. Piano Day is an official body created by Nils and his closest friends,
and will house various exciting, piano-related projects. The first project revealed by the Piano Day team is the building of what will be world’s tallest piano: the Klavins 450.

As the life-long dream of David Klavins, it even exceeds the
currently largest upright piano there is, the Klavins M370. Situated in
Germany, Tübingen, 1.8 tons in weight, 3.7 meters high, its longest
strings are about 10 feet in length. And it was on this piano that Nils
recorded eight improvised piano motifs in one sitting, which form his
new ‘Solo’ album – available for free download on the world’s first
Piano Day on the 88th day (March 29, 2015) from
Once recorded, Nils began to think of ways to release the album as a
gift to his fans, similarly to his 2012 release ‘Screws’, and that’s when
Nils came up with the idea of Piano Day.
With a target of 100.000 euros to reach, Nils eases his fans into
sharing their money for the project with this free release. All direct
donations and a portion from any record sales will go to the Klavins
450 project until the target has been hit.
Situated in Germany, Tübingen, 1.8 tons in weight, 3.7 meters high:
the Klavins M370 is probably the largest upright piano there is. Its
longest strings are about 10 feet in length.
This colossus was initially built to evaluate a useful maximum size of
the piano. Driven by the assumption that pianos could sound better,
David got to work in 1985 and finished his instrument 2 years later.
Back then I was 5 years old, having no idea how much I would fall in
love with it.
When I finally met David Klavins and his enormous piano 27 years
later, in the very beginning of 2014, I arrived with empty hands. I
didn't know what music, what songs I was about to record in the next
3 days.
Every piano has unique features and certain strengths. Some have
more, some have less of them, but there is no bad piano out there,
although I do moan about them almost all the time. Some simply
hide their secrets better than others. These thoughts made me start
to write music when I am with the particular instrument, the tape
The 8 pieces featured on this album were selected out of hours of
improvising, happy hours as I recollect. The joy of playing and
listening to the sound of the instrument made me play slower and
slower, softer and softer, as almost every new note was destroying
the immense beauty and sustain of the previous note. I was
preparing the instrument with parts of my felt collection, carefully
tuning mic positions with the help of my dear friend and recording
gear wizard Matthias Hahn and simply playing whatever came to my
mind. In conversations about this I am still struggling for words in
order to praise David’s instrument. Words simply don’t do it justice,
so listen for yourself.
With lots of love, Nils Frahm