Królestwo - Antracyt

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Królestwo is a polish band from Gdansk created in 2016, consisting of memebers of such groups as 1926, Dule Tree, Alterton. In their compositions, Królestwo balance between math, noise, post-rock and yass, whilst creating minimalistic repetitive musical structures.

"Antracyt" is their second instrumental album, recorded in the most classical minimalistic composition (guitar, bas, drums) full of trans and noisy references to american noise school and european krautrock traditions.
Pure guitar satisfaction.


01. Wiosłowanie w kierunku nicości
02. Tęga Jola
03. Szklaneczki doktora Stefana
04. Antracyt
05. Antracyt Impresje Take 1 *
06. Antracyt Impresje Take 2 *

* - only on CD