Tholos Gateway (feat. Jarboe) - Tholos Gateway [vinyl clear 180g + CD limited]

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Premiera: 17.09.2021

Tholos Gateway to trio założone przez Collina Marstona, Alexa Reviriego i Vasco Trilla. Do nagrania swej pierwszej płyty zaprosili Jarboe, która zaśpiewała w jednym z utworów (niemal 11-minutowy "Spell Of Circe").

Winyl wycinany oczywiście przez Wujka Gusstaffa w czasie rzeczywistym w Studiu im. Witolda Gombrowicza. Wersja limitowana, numerowana - tylko 66 szt.
Vinyl is cut by Uncle Gusstaff in the real time in Studio im. Witolda Gombrowicza. Limited and numbered version - only 66 records.

"The first time I worked with Colin Marston was for the mixing and mastering of Inhumankind's debut album. Having been a fan of his work since my teens, I was totally thrilled and absolutely blown away by his impeccable job and his deep understanding of this complex and strange music.
During the recording process of Bi Cong, the duo project of Vasco Trilla and myself, Colin's name came up almost immediately as the person to address for the mixing. In a certain way, the seed of Tholos Gateway was planted during this project.
The rest just came up naturally. After playing with so many projects together (Möhit, Phicus, etc.) we wanted to work on something totally different, a new context for the timbral explorations we've been developing together for years. Again, Colin was the perfect choice.
Timpani, double bass, keys, gong, electronic drums...each layer interwoved in a strange and ominous tapestry Jarboe's vocals adds the final touch to this incantation from the past."
Àlex Reviriego, July 2021

Colin Marston
is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording engineer operating out of Queens, New York City. He specializes in extreme, experimental, and immersive music production. He currently plays in roughly 25 bands and records, mixes and masters music for countless others throughout the world.

Àlex Reviriego
plays double bass, organ and electronics. He is a member of the bands Phicus, Inhumankind, Ràdium and Möhit, among many others, and one of the most active and in-demand musicians of the experimental music scene in Spain, appearing in recordings and concerts of styles as diverse as contemporary composition, black metal, folk or harsh noise.

Vasco Trilla
is one of the most active, versatile, and creative drummers of the Barcelona scene. He has recorded more than 70 albums ranging from free improvisation, jazz-rock to progressive rock metal and ambient music. He is a musician with wide experience – most of his career has been developed internationally, especially on the Polish, Dutch and Portuguese scene.

Jarboe - do we really need to write, who is JARBOE?
Jarboe is singing in the track "Spell Of Circe".

Tracklisting LP:

Side A:
01. The Wine-dark Sea 08:03
02. Nostos 05:48
03. Eternal Control of the Gods 05:08
04. Cyclopean Curse 03:17

Side B
01. Spell of Circe 10:41
02. Hand of Time 05:59
03. Divine Spiritual Slaughter 05:26

Tracklisting CD:
1 The Wine-Dark Sea [08:03]
2 Nostos [05:48]
3 Spell of Circe (feat. Jarboe) [10:41]
4 Eternal Control of the Gods [05:08]
5 Hand of Time [05:58]
6 Cyclopean Curse [03:15]
7 Divine Spiritual Slaughter [05:26]