JEAN-LUC FAFCHAMPS - H1KhH2WM (Du seuil), a Five-letter Sufi Word

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  • Producent: Sub Rosa
  • Dostępność: Jest
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Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles
Centre Henri Pousseur
conducted by Jean-Paul Dessy


Third chapter in the Sufi Word's series.

The Sufi Letters is a vast project of 28 compositions (for the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet) undertaken in 2000 and still ongoing. I am drawing inspiration from the symbolic charts found in Sufi mysticism.  Each Letter is a sonic meditation on the frontiers of conscience and the paradoxes of time.
Today's word, Du seuil [From the threshold], is the third word to be released by Sub Rosa. It is a journey of sort through grief: stages of conscience, journey through hell, nocturnal anxieties, meditation, resilience. Do not worry too much though, for isn't it from the distance of death that one can shine the best light on life? Isn't all grief also a threshold ?   (JLF)

Jean-Luc Fafchamps (°1960) is a pianist and composer. He studied at the Conservatoire in Mons and at Louvain University. A member of the Ictus Ensemble, he has taken part in many concert performances in large ensembles or chamber groups (performances of works by Lindberg, Reich, Aperghis, Mernier, Leroux, Harada, Francesconi, etc.) and in mixed performances, particularly accompanying dance (multiple performances with Rosas (Anne-Teresa de Keersmaeker)) and theatre (several creations with Aperghis). He has made recordings for Sub Rosa - with the Bureau des Pianistes and as a soloist - of works by Bowles, Liszt, Feldman, Dallapiccola, Duchamp, Scelsi and Berio and has contributed to numerous recordings with the Ictus Ensemble (Francesconi, Aperghis, Lindberg, Harada, De Mey, Mernier, Harvey, etc.) and has accompanied many singers.


01  H1   13'23
02  Kh   18'02 - mp3
03  H2   13'43
04  W    10'16
05  M     10'24