V/A – If I Had a Pair of Wings: Jamaican Doo Wop, Vol. 1 [vinyl]

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This collection of Jamaican doo wop from the late 1950s through to the early 1960s represents a period in which sound systems had begun to dominate the island, and were starting to step up their rivalry by beginning to record and release their own platters rather than rely on imported records to gain the competitive edge.

With the uniquely Jamaican ska explosion yet to completely catch hold, these tracks are largely imitative of the doo wop and R&B sound that had been reaching the island from American shores & radiowaves, albeit peppered with hints of what was to come ~ some of the future stars of ska, rocksteady and reggae are starting to cut their teeth on these tracks, providing a great view into the fledgling record industry on the island.

01: Alton & Eddie - Muriel
02: Jiving Juniors - Dearest Darling
03: The Echoes & Celestials - Are You Mine
04: Jimmy Cliff - Dearest Beverley
05: Keith & Enid - Send Me
06: The Downbeats - Midnight Love
07: Chuck & Dobby - Til the End of Time
08: The Mellowlarks - Album of Memory
09: Horthens & Stranger - True Love
10: Dobby Dobson - Diamonds & Pearls
11: The Charmers - I'm Going Back
12: The Blues Busters - Pleading for Mercy
13: Owen & Millie - Do You Know
14: Laurel Aitken - Heavenly Angel