Reviriego / Peyghambari / Trilla - Möhit

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ÀLEX REVIRIEGO - double bass
VASCO TRILLA - percussion

During his 2018 trip to Iran, Vasco recorded with some excellent Iranian musicians, Ehsan Sadigh, Soheil Peyghambari and Roozbeh Fadavi from the band Quartet Diminished in Tehran.
The connection was immediate, and this led to a fruitful friendship and artistic collaboration.
When Soheil came in Februray 2020 to perform in Barcelona, Àlex Reviriego was the obvious choice to perform as a trio. Àlex is one of Vasco's close collaborators and a key figure in the Barcelona's underground scene.
They debuted live in February 2020 at Soda, a stronghold of experimental music in the much gentrified Bcn.
The improvised set flowed with unusual ease and balance, with the three sides of the triangle perfectly alinated in a calm dialogue. Flocks of dense timbric clouds collide with melodies of melancholic beauty in an ever-changing landscape.
Möhit may be their first album, but they sound like they have been playing together for ages.


Tracklisting CD:
1. Möhit I
2. Möhit II