Notwist - Notwist (30 Years Special Ed.) [CD]

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Premiera: 10.12.2021

Anniversary edition of the debut album from The Notwist, the most successful representatives of the true independent music in Germany, originally released in 1990. Remastered.

"... their 1990 self-titled debut paid homage to the American hardcore and grunge bands they fell in love with as kids..." --AllMusic

The Notwist, formed in 1989, then consisting of Martin Messerschmidt, and brothers Micha and Markus Acher -- released their self-titled debut album on Subway Records a good thirty years ago, a unique tightrope walk between melodic independent, metallic rock and explosive hardcore parts. The thirteen noisy songs only hinted at the beginning of a career that is as great as it is unusual and diverse: "A pretty heavy punk/hardcore/metal mix for long stretches, an early Notwist anthem nevertheless emerges at the end of the record: 'Nothing Like You'." The first step was taken, but probably no one thought of Top 10 & feuilleton at that time: "Hello! Laugh and sing, dance and jump... GROOOOOARRRR! It's Notwist but my twist! YES SIR!," written on the side fold of the LP: "...this record features a good helping of double bass drum action, consistent cymbal abuse, guitar fret squealing and wheedling, lots of chords chug-chug-chugging, and even a few spots where Markus Acher (he of the laconic Teutonic vocalizing) actually essays a few disgruntled ur-screamo barks." --Pitchfork

"I was a fan of yours when your music was still called Neil Young Hardcore . . . Metallica riffs, with Dinosaur Jr vocals in English with a Bavarian accent -- it's genius." --Thees Uhlmann (2021)