Netherworld - Vanishing Lands [CD]

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Premiera: 27.05.2022

01: Last Sunset
02: Thwaites
03: Slow Moving Streams
04: Stillness Beneath the Ice Pack
05: The Beauty of Places Where There Is Nothing to See
06: Comet
07: Vanishing Lands

Immerse yourself in the great north, lost in the darkness of winter nights. There is a green glow that slowly dances above you, it is that of the Northern Lights, which lights the way. Around you, ice-covered volcanoes and endless white and silent expanses. Slowly all of this is fading, day after day, and unfortunately it is irreversible.

"Vanishing Lands" is a cry of desperation, it is the realization that we are one step away from the abyss. It is the most complex and dramatic work created to date by the artist and founder of Glacial Movements Records, Alessandro Tedeschi aka Netherworld. A subtle melancholy note unites the seven tracks on the album, which were written, composed and mixed during the time of the pandemic.

An excerpt of the track "The Beauty Of Places Where There is Nothing to See" has been feautered on the CD compilation The Wire Tapper 58, included on the world's greatest print and online music magazine The Wire (Issue 458, April 2022).