Brume - Anastomose and Other Stories

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Limitowana edycja 444 egz. w rozkładanej okładce formatu A5.
Christian Renou aka Brume, francuska legenda sceny eksperymentalno - industrialnej w barwach Nefrytu! Odświeżony cyfrowo materiał z 10" winyla pod tym samym tytułem, do tego materiał z EP "Charlemagne" i kasety "Seven Trumpets" z nowym remiksem. Wszystko po raz pierwszy na CD. Całość zremasterowana przez samego artystę.

Acoustic Guitar – G. Guiggia (tracks: 3)
Artwork ["Anastomose" Back - Digital Collage] – Christian Renou
Artwork ["Anastomose" Front And Inner Collages] – Françoise Duvivier
Instruments [All Instruments], Tape [Tapes], Voice [Voices], Mixed By [Mix], Mastered By [Master] – Brume, C. Renou
Tape [Tapes], Voice [Voices] – Pat' Blanch (tracks: 1)

"Anastomose 1 & 2" was previously released as a picture 10" LP by Ant-Zen in 1996 and remastered from DAT-master in March 2013.

"Seven Trumpets" was previously released as a cassette by Voluntary Whores in the end of 2012 and remixed, overdubbed in March 2013.

"Charlemagne the 33rd" was previously released as a 7" EP called "Charlemagne" by Membrum Debile Propaganda in 1997. Side one was remastered from DAT-master in March 2013.

"Anastomose" front and inner collages (c) 1996 / 2013
"Anastomose" back - digital collage (c) 2013

Thanks to Françoise Duvivier for inspiration.

Limited edition of 444 copies.

Gatefold A5 cover.