Amphior - Another Presence [CD]

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Premiera: 21.03.2022

The new Amphior album, Another Presence, is a longing echo of alienation.

Amphior, aka. Mathias Hammerstrøm makes his return with a new collection of melancholic and enchanting tracks on his latest full-length album, Another Presence. Mathias works with atmospheric synth sounds, vintage amplifying devices, and crackling lo-fi textures to evoke gloomily deserted landscapes, and subterranean abysses. Disembodied voices linger like echoing ghosts calling from beneath an unknown surface, melting into the dense sonic fog of occasional noise, rumbling drones, and hypnotic synth passages. Reimagining sound recordings of ancient mantras and occult rituals, the album has a persisting otherworldly aura from beginning to end.
 Ultimately, Another Presence is an introspective dive into the unknown darkness of the subconsciousness. It's the yearning yet the cathartic sound of spiritual search.

"Another Presence was made during the long Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. It was a strange vacuum of feeling lonely and isolated, yet I also felt more and more connected with being myself. I think I have been unconsciously ashamed of being an introvert and a sensitive person for a long time, and it has led me to become someone I'm not. The album is an expression of the states of mind I went through - and still fall back on from time to time" - says Mathias

Amphior released his sophomore album, We Used to Dance, and his solo debut-EP (as 'Mathias Hammerstrøm'), There Is a Light Within Yourself, on his label, Hammerstrøm Records, back in 2019. He released the EP, Mirror Chamber, in 2021.

01: Void
02: Phantasm
03: Imaginary Shelter
04: Dream Traveler
05: Sleepwalker
06: Pathfinder
07: Another Presence
08: What Was Lost