Torben Snekkestad & Søren Kjærgaard - Another Way of the Heart [CD]

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Premiera: 13.05.2022

Torben Snekkestad - tenor/soprano saxophone, trumpet, clarinet
Søren Kjærgaard - grand piano

titles are adapted from the texts by Torben Ulrich in the work “Meridiana: Lines Toward A Non-local Alchemy”

Recording: Anders Boska at Ocean Sound Recording, Giske, Norway 18-20 Aug 2021
Mix: Anders Boska
Mastering: John Fomsgaard
Artwork: Lasse Marhaug


1 Speechless Thunder
2 Wind and floating lines no.1
3 A speed already altered
4 The always acting Nothing
5 Gentle Latitudes
6 Wind and floating lines no.2
7 Nourishing this between
8 Radiant recomposed
9 Into Particles of Light
10 Wind and floating lines no.3
11 Holding mountain, Holding movement
12 Origin returns to fire