Rodrigo Amado This Is Pur Language Quartet - Let The Free Be Man [vinyl]

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Premiera: 15.10.2021

Rodrigo Amado: tenor saxophone
Joe Mcphee: pocket trumpet, soprano saxophone
Kent Kessler: double bass
Chris Corsano: drums

This is music by four strong individual players with room for eruptive solo-parts, but always held together by intense communication and beautiful interwoven melodies. The quartet’s second album A History of Nothing (Trost records/TR170) got a huge number of excited reviews.

Recording: Klaus Hedegaard Nielsen at Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, March 2017
Production: Rodrigo Amado / Konstantin Drobil
Mix: Joaquim Monte / Rodrigo Amado
Mastering: CD by Simon Wadsworth / LP by Martin Siewert
Artwork: Painting by Eduardo Batarda (1987)
Publisher: Cien Fuegos
Photos: Cristina Marx / Dawid Laskowski