Benjamin Thigpen - Divide By Zero [CD]

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Gusstaff Records przedstawia nową serię z prestiżowej wytwórni Sub Rosa - NEW SERIES FRAMEWORK jest roższerzeniem projektu CONCRETE ELECTRONICS NOISE i polega na promowaniu kompozytorów młodszej generacji, tych znanych jak i jeszcze nieznanych.

Benjamin Thipen to urodzony w Stanach kompozytor komputerowy, nauczyciel muzyki i globalny tułacz. Muzyka nie jest dla niego sztuką dźwięku, ale sztuką transcendencji dźwięku.

Benjamin Thigpen, nomad, born in the United States, immigrated to Paris at the age of 31. He studied music, literature, philosophy and esthetics. He now composes in European studios such as GRM, EMS, Visby and STEIM, as well as in his bedroom and in the train. After six years as a teacher at Ircam, he currently teaches computer music in Italy, Belgium and occassionallly Sweden, while also working as a free-lance musical programmer and consultant.

He makes music for loudspeakers: electroacoustic works; live computer performance; interactive music for instrument(s) and computer. His music is concerned with energy, density, complexity, movement, multiplicity and violence, and often incorporates space as a primary compositional parameter. He thinks that music does not exist in time but rather creates it, and considers that music is not the art of sound but the art of the transcendence of sound.

'A secret light that came from the black...
a light transmuted from blackness...
another realm, another mental state...'

(Pierre Soulages 'Du noir à l'outrenoir')


01 incandescence (2003) 08.43
02 malfunction30931 (2007) 14.49
03 espoir (2003) 01.00
04 brief candle (2005) 13.22
05 0.95652173913 (2005) 21.45