Kosmose - First Time Out (2CD)

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Something undoubtedly cosmic but with a DIY, home-made edge: a cosmos for sure, but dirtier than clean, noisier than technology-based. All songs are unreleased. Recorded and mixed in March 1975.

After some years rather cosmic and ragaesque music, we slowly began to explore some more experimental and noisy sonic expression. At the time, we only owned a few instruments and sound effects and, no drummer. We use to play long tracks in order to follow the trend of the alternative music of the period (please, remember, we are in 1975). The event was a total spectacle with an inventive light-show including a stroboscope and a frantic projection of strange abstract slides on a giant screen by Freddy Pourcel. Some incense was burnt time to time.

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Alain Neffe
monophonic synthesizer, flute, primitive rhythm box, bell, clumsy voice, tarang     
Francis Pourcel
bass, bass with violin bow, electric guitar
Daniel Malempré aka MAL
electric guitar, 12 strings acoustic guitar


tracklisting 2CD
CD 1
The 13th Untitled Track 42'33
CD 2
The 14th Untitled Track 60'16