Israël Quellet - Sounds From There [CD]

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01 Ouverture 01'27
02 Mouvement 1 4'41
03 Mouvement 2 15'57
04 Mouvement 3 6'36
05 Mouvement 4 16'46

's 4th opus on Sub Rosa: a new complex and mysterious work for symphonic bass drum, symphonic tympanies, organ, tibetan horn, homemade horn, triangle, tubular bells, shocks inside the church,anvil metal tank and church bells. A challenging listen, but so rewarding.

Israel Quellet: a short biography

Born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 1972. He worked in the psychiatric field for several years. At 16, he discovers on his own some different soundworlds, such as Miles Davis's electric era,Sun Ra, Dub, German cosmic music, Magma, Zappa and many more. In 1997, he stepped into the action and, following the advice of a sound engineer friend, bought microphones, a digital mixing board, and studio monitors. Basically, he turned part of his basement into a soundsmithing studio. That is when he started to create, out of his immediate surroundings, sound works that have little to do with what is 'normally' being done. Appreciated by composer Jorge E. Campos, Quellet is supported by the Centre Pierre Schaeffer in Paris. In 2003, he contacted Sub Rosa. Three years later, he was releasing his first public recording.