V/A - Monika's Himmelfahrt (Monika's Ascension) [DVD]

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Błyszczący clubbing na bok - ambitna elektronika na scenę! Niniejsze dvd zawiera wymykające się jednoznacznym opisom występy na żywo takich artystek jak: Barbara Morgenstern, Masha Qrella, Cobra Killer, Contriva czy Komeit.


Occupying a twilight zone between electronic pop, easy listening and bedsit angst, Berlin`s Monika Enterprise label is the home for a new generation of German musicians who have turned away both from the glossy world of corporate clubbing and the tired formulae of indie guitar- rock.

Hari Kunzru/Wallpaper

monika's himmelfahrt - monika's ascension

with their ascension night at the berlin volksbuhne monika enterprise presented five impressive concerts of those five bands and projects that are the core of the berlin label's catalogue. after years of work and countless concerts of each individual band this night together was the time to lift their music up onto a higher level. especially for this evening javier benitez, niklas goldbach and the video-group transforma produced videos, that - hugely projected onto the back of the stage - gave each concert its own atmosphere.

now you are invited to celebrate once more with monika, and from now on every day of the year...




01 komëit - day before

02 komëit - a seite

03 komëit - wrong fault leave

04 komëit - I can tell

05 masha qrella - I want you to know

06 masha qrella - vertical destination

07 masha qrella - you wont be there

08 masha qrella - I don’t like her

09 cobra killer - intro

10 cobra killer - heavy rotation

11 cobra killer - cobra movement

12 cobra killer - try it

13 cobra killer - bye bye bye

14 contriva - lets keep in touch

15 contriva - shadow

16 contriva - stuck

17 morgenstern - nichts und niemand

18 morgenstern - ein versuch

19 morgenstern - ohne abstand

20 morgenstern - augenblick

21 morgenstern - nichts muss

22 morgenstern - dr. mr.!


monika vision 02

Released: 09/11/2004 

Format: DVD