New Blade Runners Of Dub - New Blade Runners Of Dub [vinyl]

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Premiera: 27.05.2022

The debut album of Zasky & Smith, producers of New Blade Runners Of Dub. Built on the legacy of Zasky' s internationally known Dub Reggae Band Dubblestandart, New Blade Runners Of Dub blend Jed Smith's, LA native, composer/producer's new school visions of sound & Zasky's European shaped Dub Reggae background in a unique way. Call it Europe & America in a unity reconfiguring rhythm driven music for new generations: The Los Angeles based music group, combining cutting edge rhythm productions and up 2 the time sonic visions. It is a collaboration of international known musicians from the US, Europe, England & Jamaica. Altered concepts for new generations who identify through a new understanding of art, communication and therefor ultimately for the politics, that will shape their world. This is music for the 21st century. Decoding what lays ahead.

1 Fly Me To The Moon
2 In My Space
3 New Blade Runners Of Dub "Theme" (Virus Dub)
4 Solitary Confinement
5 Love & Hate
6 Touch Me
7 The Asimov Solution
8 Europe Again