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Wolfgang Salomon invited the two musicians to accompany his foto-evenings and book-presentations with their music.
A dvd with an extensive slideshow and the dark, moody tracks was the logical follow-up.

Gerhard Potuznik was one of the first electronic musicians in the early wave of Austrian electronic around the scene of Cheap/Mego (projects: Private Lightning Six, Cube & Sphere), currently : MÄUSE with Quehenberger/Kern/Rubinowitz

Christina CHRA Nemec works as an electronic musician, dj and journalist, releasing (solo) on Mego and with the band SHAMPOO BOY on Blackest Ever Black.

1 Torcello
2 Al Mare
3 Poveglia
4 Venezia Blu
5 San Servolo
6 Chioggia
7 San Michele
8 Lido Mezzogiorno
9 Lido Inverno