Chihei Hatakeyama & Dirk Serries - Black Frost

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Premiera: 10.11.2020

Four years after their initial collaborative debut, Chihei and Dirk return with a 2nd album that clearly solidifies their unique blend of 'The Storm Of Silence'. An album that received worldwide praise. 'Black Frost' is that follow-up that expands their duo sound, made with electric guitars and various electronics,. Four new pieces embracing the Nordic theme of Glacial Movements once again : that of a secluded place equally desolate and beautiful. This is where Chihei Hatakeyama & Dirk Serries excel in.

01: Sprakk 08:52
02: Hvit Tåke 14:04
03: Breen 12:10
04: Frossen Luft 07:59