Cristian Vogel - Black Swan [CD]

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Christian Vogel znany z roli DJa i twórcy minimalu dla Tresora, tym razem w zaskakującej, eksperymentalnej odsłonie - z muzyką dotyczącą tańca, lecz nie chodzi tu o klubowe wygibasy, ale o współczesny taniec teatralny.

Cristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and sound artist, known for his experimental DJ and Live performances, compositions for contemporary dance and studio productions. Born in Chile 1972 and raised in the UK, he is currently based in Barcelona. In 1995 he graduated in 20th Century Music Studies at Sussex University, under the tutor-ship of the British composers, Johnathan Harvey and Martin Butler. Since then, he has recorded many unique albums, releasing on eminent experimental techno labels such as Tresor Berlin, Novamute, Mille Plateaux and other underground vinyl labels. Cristian has been touring worldwide since 1993 as DJ and live improvisation, both as solo artist and for a period with Jamie Lidell in Super_Collider. Of late, he has been singing and playing guitar in his song-based band project Night of the Brain.

As studio remixer, he has been invited to reinterpret songs by artists as diverse as Radiohead, Maximo Park, Thom Yorke, Juan Atkins, Pedro Carneiro among many others. Cristian Vogel's album producer credits include albums for Kevin Blechdom, Chicks On Speed, Cafeneon, Panico, Vir??s, Las Perras del Infierno and others.

In 2003, Cristian began working in contemporary dance with the composition of original scores and live soundtracks for the renound Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin. To date, he has collaborated on five critically acclaimed pieces for Jobin, which have been performed in theatres around the world, such as Theatre de la Ville in Paris and Spiral in Tokyo. Two Thousand and Three for the Geneva Ballet (2003), Delicado for the Gulbenkian Ballet (2004), Steak House (2005), Double Deux (2006), Text To Speech (2008), Black Swan (2009).

Black Swan was composed in 2009 on location in Geneva and Annecy, in co-creation with the choreographer Gilles Jobin. The resulting dance piece for four performers has toured the world, from Africa to Japan and South America. More information about the piece can be found at:


1   Sora Tobu Black Swan 20:56  
2   Rocks In Motion 13:02  
3   Basecamp Beasts 15:02