Creme de Hassan - Tricontinental Circus [vinyl]

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Creme de Hassan is a collaborative project consisting of German-Palestinian Ghazi Barakat and American Paul LaBrecque. Ghazi is a resident of Berlin and has been contributing to the city's underground scene for over 20 years, as a member of bands such as the Golden Showers and Stereo Total, and through solo ventures such as The Boy From Brazil and Pharoah Chromium, the latter of which includes the a triple album with the influential krautrock musician Günter Schickert. Paul has spent a number of years living outside of his native U.S., predominantly in Belgium and Germany, and has played in many configurations in the field of folk, drone and improvised music, principally with the Boston-based Sunburned Hand Of The Man collective. He also plays solo as Head Of Wantastiquet. Tricontinental Circus is their second album together as Crème de Hassan after their 2017 debut Technique & Rite, though in between they also released another record under the name Barakat & LaBrecque, entitled Terminal Desert, born out of another of their lengthy jam sessions. Tracks from the new album have been played on The Independent Music Podcast and Wire contributor Shane Woolman's show Push The Button on New World Radio, amongst others.

01: Haitian Head Charge
02: Voodootronix
03: Momo Von Bobo
04: Blaukraut or No Kraut
05: Coeur De Boeuf
06: WSB
07: Muezzin Death Dance
08: 3 Peals of Laughter
09: Song of Dawn
10: Ululation Nation
11: Live at West Germany