ALSO (Katharina Ernst/Martin Siewert) - Live at Wirr

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Katharina Ernst: drums
Martin Siewert: guitars, electronics  
Recorded live at Wirr, Open Loose Festival, 2015, Vienna
Katharina Ernst is a Viennese artist , working in the fields of fine arts/painting, performance art and music. She performed and exhibited all over the world, music-collaborations for instance with Ken Vandermark and Linda Sharrock, Christof Kurzmann. She plays in the ambient-avantrock band VENTIL that  got lots of critical acclaim last year.

Martin Siewert is known as the guitarist in the band RADIAN, Fake The Facts (with Mats Gustafsson), Heaven And, Trapist and various collaborations (Fennesz, Tony Bυck). Siewert is mixing and mastering many of the current avantgarde/electronic/jazz releases in his studio in Vienna.

One     04:42
Two     07:07
Three  05:23
Four    08:14  
Five     05:21
Six       03:38