Zeitkratzer - Alvin Lucier [vinyl 180g + dl]

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By zkr director REINHOLD FRIEDL’s personal request now available on vinyl for the first time: zeitkratzer's critically acclaimed interpretations of compositions by ALVIN LUCIER.

ALVIN LUCIER (1931 – 2021) was one of the most influential American minimalists. Some call him „sound physician“ as his compositions are often based on acoustic research settings. His pieces tend to turn inside-out the properties of space and instruments: poems based on acoustic settings!
zeitkratzer worked with the composer in Dijon, France in 2008, and presented his music in various places. These recordings have been realized at Philharmonie Luxembourg that turned out to be the ideal space for this music.
On this album you can hear how LUCIER enables zeitkratzer to create sounds a lot of people have never heard before. Ringing overtones, a singing piano, a thrilling concert triangle, pencils on little objects, and how irritating a violoncello, a viola and a piano can sound together creating shifting sonic interferences. Sound phenomenology, evoking a sensual
listening experience.

Press quotes:
The richness of Lucier’s music has rarely been so eloquently expressed!
The Wire Magazine, UK, 12/2010

Funny, mystifying at their best, … Lucier's works take no prisoners.
Monsieurdelire, FR, 11/2010

zeitkratzer does an absolute great job. Five excellent executions. Old master pieces.
Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard, 11/2010

Fordernde Ruhe!
Sonic Seducer, GER, 2010

„eine Meisterleistung“
Skug, AUT, 01/2011

Qualität auf höchstem Niveau. Hut ab. 5/5
Acmag, AUT, 2011

A polyrhythmic perversity [...] hypnotic and alarming
Musique Machine, FR, 07/2011
releases September 16, 2022

Burkhard Schlothauer: violin (A2), viola (A1), objects (B2)
Anton Lukoszevieze: violoncello (A1), objects (B2)
Ulrich Philipp: objects (B2)
Reinhold Friedl: piano (A1, B1), objects (B2)
Maurice de Martin: triangle (*), objects (B2)
Frank Gratkowski: objects (B2)
Hayden Chisholm: objects (B2)
Matt Davis: objects (B2)
Hilary Jeffery: objects (B2)
Ralf Meinz: sound

recorded live at Philharmonie Luxembourg, October 3, 2009 (A1, B1,
B2, *) and at GreenHouseStudios Schwielowsee, Germany, June 2010 (A2).
mixed and mastered by Ralf Meinz and Reinhold Friedl
produced by Reinhold Friedl
vinyl cut by Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin