V/A - Un Scene: Post Punk Birmingham 1978-1982 [CD]

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Premiera: 11.03.2022

Compiled by Birmingham Musician and Designer Dave Twist. This Compilation features many well known and completely unknown faces from the scene and some local Heroes such as Nikki Sudden, Stephen Duffy, Jowe Head and Dave Kusworth. In the light of the film King Rocker by Stewart Lee about The Nightingales revised interest in the post punk sound of Birmingham is increasing. Duran Duran’s John Taylor is featured in his first band Dada (with Twist on drums) sounding not a bit like his MTV champions of the 80’s. Some of these tracks were only ever issued on a very small run 7” at the time and some were never issued at all, such as The Hawks (until recently and to great acclaim).

1. Fashion Music - We ‘re the Fashion

2. Swell Maps - Vertical Slum

3. DADA - Birmingham U.K

4. The Prefects - The Bristol Road Leads to Dachau

5.TV Eye - Stevie’s Radio Station

6. The Denizens - Ammonia Subway

7. Hawks - Big Store

8. Nervous Kind - Five to Monday

9. Blble Belt - Fistful of seeds

1. Nightingales - Idiot Strength

2. Lowdown International - Batteries not included

3. Joe Row - The Final Touch

4. Nikki Sudden - Channel Steamer

5. Cult Figures - I Remember

6. Au Pairs - Love Song

7. Fast Relief - What A Waste

8. Vision Collision - Cuba

9. Dance - Revolve Around You

10. The Pinkies - Open Commune