V/A - Fluxus & NeoFluxus: Stolen Symphony Part 1 [vinyl 2LP+24p. booklet, limited]

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Premiera: 18.04.2023

All in all, there are more than 50 pieces, new and old, live and studio, finished pieces and scores to be performed, acoustic and classical, solos and pieces for ensemble, using classical and special instruments. This Fluxus edition features (in alphabetical order): Eric Andersen, Ay-O, George Brecht, John Cage, Giancarlo Cardini, Giuseppe Chiari, Henning Christiansen, Philip Corner, Öyvind Fahlström, Ken Friedman, Sten Hanson, Geoffrey Hendricks, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Joe Jones, Bengt af Klintberg, Milan Knízák, Alison Knowles, Larry Miller, George Maciunas, Sara Miyamoto, Nam June Paik, Yoko Ono, Opening Performance Orchestra, Benjamin Patterson, Josef Anton Riedl, Terry Riley, Takako Saito, Tomas Schmit, Dieter Schnebel, Mieko Shiomi, Yasunao Tone, Ben Vautier, Yoshi Wada, and La Monte Young. The musicians and performers Anna Clementi, Agnese Toniutti, Deborah Walker, Werner Durand, Luciano Chessa, Miroslav Beinhauer, Petr Bakla, Nicolas Horvath, Petr Ferenc, and Premysl Ondra have played, performed and declaimed the Fluxus pieces, Arditti Quartet and S.E.M. Ensemble provided one piece from their archives. Milan Knízák, Petr Rezek, Petr Kotík, Olaf Hanel, Eric Andersen, Per Brunskog, Peter van der Meijden, Pavlína Morganová, Natasha Lushetich, Joseph Nechvatal, Natilee Harren, Martin Patrick, Diedrich Diederichsen, Christopher M. Reeves, and Hubertus von Amelunxen have written Fluxus-themed texts. Archivio Conz in Berlin provided access to their extensive Fluxus archives and Edizioni Conz provided coproduction. Ursula and René Block made possible the realization of John Cage's historical composition "Rozart Mix" from the Edition Block archive. The photographic material comes from Marie Knízáková and Milan Knízák's private archive, the German photographer Wolfgang Träger, Archivio Conz's Fluxus archive and Opening Performance Orchestra's digital archive. The cover themes are paintings by Milan Knízák, while the graphic design is the work of Jaroslav Buzek.


LP - Side A
A-00 John Cage 0'00'' (1962) (solo to be performed in any way by anyone) 0:00
A-01 La Monte Young  Compositions 1960 #15 to Richard Huelsenbeck (1960) 4:39
(Agnese Toniutti, piano)
A-02 Milan Knízák DKH Quartet (edit) (1973) 4:40  (Arditti Quartet)
A-03 Henning Christiansen Wolfsflöte (1986) 4:00 (Werner Durand, wind)
A-04 Giuseppe Chiari Metodo teorico e pratico per suonare il violoncello (1962) 7:43
(Deborah Walker, cello)
A-05 Milan Knízák White Process (from the cycle Processes Mainly for the Space of Mind) (1978) 0:46                    
(Petr Ferenc, voice)
LP - Side B
B-01 Dick Higgins Emmett William's Ear (1977) 9:40
(Agnese Toniutti, piano)
B-02 Henning Christiansen Sturmsax (1986) 3:34
(Werner Durand, wind)
B-03 Milan Knízák A Chromatic Scale in Countermovement (1971) 2:04
(Miroslav Beinhauer, broken piano)
B-04 Giuseppe Chiari Gesti sul piano (1962) 4:40
(Luciano Chessa, piano)
B-05 Yoshi Wada Lip Vibrator (1973) 2:24
(Ostravská banda & audience)
B-06 La Monte Young Composition 1960 #7 (1960) 1:19
(Nicolas Horvath, piano)
LP - Side C
C-01 Eric Andersen It isn't bad (2021) 1:05
(Eric Andersen)
C-02 Eric Andersen Opus 1961 (1961) 5:29
(Miroslav Beinhauer & Petr Bakla, piano)
C-03 Bengt af Klintberg Triad No.1 (2021) 5:10
(Werner Durand, bottles)
C-04 Mieko Shiomi Imaginary Garden No.3 (2009) 7:38 (Miroslav Beinhauer, piano)
C-05 Terry Riley Shoganigidi #1 (2021) 3:18 (Miroslav Beinhauer, broken piano)
C-06 Milan Knízák Material Events (from the cycle Processes Mainly for the Space of Mind) (1978) 1:28 (Premek Ondra, voice)
LP - Side D
D-01 Opening Performance Orchestra Stolen Symphony (2021) 21:25
(Opening Performance Orchestra, electronics)