V/A - Arabian Disco [vinyl]

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2023 repress. Directly from the Cosmic Discotheque galaxy, here is a brand-new satellite called Arabian Disco. This fine disc will get you through a bizarre sub-world of '70s disco. This was mostly a European-disco sub-genre clearly inspired by Arabian atmospheres. Now after the so-called classic disco, Afro disco, and space disco you should be ready for this new strand. A unique blend of exotic nuances and typical belly dance rhythms. Thanks to these 12 tracks you will discover a whole new landscape based on the mix of apparently different genres and distant cultures. Only for disco junkies and belly dancers on acid. Features Ismaïl, Slim, The Bumpers, The Sand Flowers, Leila, The Abdul Hassan Orchestra, Pop Concerto Orchestra, Sands, Nowy, Antares, Babylone, and Voyage.

A1 İsmail Soyberk - Rock’ n Roll Mouzoune
A2 Slim Pezin - Arabian Disco
A3 The Bumpers (9) - Camel Bump
A4 The Sand Flowers - Sahara Casino
A5 Leila - Leila
A6 The Abdul Hassan Orchestra - Disco Arab
B1 Pop Concerto Orchestra - Arabian Melody
B2 Sands (2) - Nefertiti (part 1)
B3 Nowy - Ay Ya Zein (Part 1)
B4 Antares (13) - Arabian Dance
B5 Babylone - Dance the Oriental Dance
B6 Voyage - Orient Express