Uruk - Ame - Live at Artacts [vinyl]

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Premiera: 20.05.2022

Isabelle Duthoit – clarinet, voice
Franz Hautzinger – quarter-tone trumpet
Hamid Drake – percussion, frame drum, voice
Michael Zerang – percussion, frame drum

Two duos firmly anchored in improvised music - Duthoit/Hautzinger and Drake/Zerang - explore what ritual music can mean in the present time. They moan and groan, sigh and sing in the jungle of their soul. Melodies between tradition and contemporary music in all their extremes ventures forward into a poetry full of sound noises.

1 Âme (08:08)
2 Enkidu (11:48)
3 Gilgamesh (11:29)
4 Inanna / Ishtar (07:13)

Recording: live at Artacts - Alte Gerberei, St. Johan, March 7th 2020, by Charles Wienand & Markus Massinger
Production: Konstantin Drobil, Hans Oberlechner, Franz Hautzinger
Mix: Martin Siewert & Franz Hautzinger
Mastering: Martin Siewert
Artwork: Lasse Marhaug
Photos: Cathy Mary-Houdin