Tuxedomoon - Unearthed [CD+DVD]

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We went on an expedition into the depths of Tuxedomoon's musical catalogue, digging around until we found gold: "Unearthed"

Originally part of the landmark "77o7" boxset, this CD+DVD, available for the first time in its own right, documents vital & out of the ordinary moments in the group's 30 year plus history. Two discs are joined together in an alchemy of sound and vision.

The CD "Lost Cords" is a collection of unusual performances assembled to give a wide overview of the diverse paths Tuxedomoon has forged in the three decades since its humble beginnings. Chosen more often to fit that criterion than any other, these recordings run the gamut from totally obscure one-time live performances to demos of songs pursued or not.

The DVD "Found Films" is indeed that, a compilation of images/performances excavated from various sources that helped to define Tuxedomoon as one of the preeminent art-rock groups. Included is the stunning "Ghost Sonata", the band's "opera without words", the collection of nine music videos entitled "1000 Lives by Picture" , "Mythical Puzzle" a travelogue documenting the Tuxedomoon experience in 1988, "Jet Wave" an intimate look at a multimedia loft jam in 1980, the earliest recorded films of the group in the studio entitled "Colorado Suite" and finally to add diamonds to the gold, a video for "No Tears" chronicling 30 years of Tuxedomoon history in images and film.

You may experience the fruit of our expedition yourself by adding the gems presented here to your multimedia library.

Track listing:


1 Day to Day demo 78
2 Remember live 78
3 III (April in Afghanistan) prototype of Crash 79
4 Somnambulist demo 83
5 Heaven and Hell demo 82
6 Atlantis compilation, b-side 85
7 Up All Night live 85
8 Lop Lop's People live 86
9 Devastated demo 77
10 Brad's Loop live 97
11 Allemande Bleue demo 81
12 No Business Like Show Business live 81
13 Cell Life live 80
14 Oceanus live 78
15 Work Coda live 79

FOUND FILMS (DVD - total time +-160 minutes)

I. Ghost Sonata
An Opera Without Words
(1982 | duration 43:52)

Including :
1. The Funeral Of A Friend - 2. The Ghost Sonata - 3. Catalyst - 4. An Affair At The Soiree - 5. Music Number Two (Ghost Sonata version) - 6. A Drowning - 7. The Cascade - 8. A Mystic Death - 9. Basso Pomade - 10. Licorice Stick Ostinato - 11. The Laboratory - 12. Les Odalisques - 13. An Unsigned Postcard - 14. Music Number Two (Ghost Sonata Version - Reprise)

II. 1000 Lives By Picture
Nine Music Videos
(1982-85 | duration 44:55)

01. Hugging the Earth
02. In A Manner of Speaking
03. 59 To 1
04. Some Guys
05. Watching the Blood Flow
06. The Waltz
07. In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western 2)
08. Holy Wars
09. (Special Treatment For The) Family Man

III. Mythical Puzzle
A Travelogue
(1988 | duration 26:09)

IV. Jet Wave
A Multimedia Loft Jam
(1980 | duration 12:28)

01. Victims of the Dance
02. East

V. Colorado Suite
Early Studio Explorations
(1977 | duration 27:02)

01. Litebulb Overkill
02. New Machine
03. Lili Marlene
04. Pollo X
05. Cybernetic Cowboy
06. Joeboy the Electronic Ghost

VI. No Tears
A Montage of Accelerated Memory
(2007 | duration 05:40)