Telebossa - s/t [vinyl]

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Samba, jazz i muzyka kameralna w Staubgold. Berliński label wykracza coraz bardziej poza eksperymentalną elektronikę, proponując ciepłe choć mówiące o miłości, smutku i tęsknocie, piosenki. Na albumie Telebossa, wśród latynoskich brzmień znajdziemy jednak śladowe wpływy elektroniki, stylistykę minimalistyczną oraz improwizację.

The singularity of Telebossa's music is the result of a stunning interplay between musical cultures and the incessant exploration of Samba, Jazz and Chamber Music. In this music, Bossa can seem at times very distant while the Donaueschinger Musiktage (where compositions by Chico Mello have been performed) and Kapital Band 1 (Nicholas Bussmann's most recent band project on the Mosz label) can be very close. Both Bussmann and Mello are at home in South America and Europe in equal measures. They combine Brazilian heritage such as Noel Rosa's "Seculo do Progresso" seamlessly with Minimal Music, Improv and Electronica. On their debut album, they have achieved the difficult feat of transporting the spirit and the soul of their live performances into a studio and capture it in a fantastically produced recording. It's comprised of seven moving songs, which tell stories about love and sorrow, about homesickness and wanderlust, about the Kotti (the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin) and the Copacabana.


1. Feltro No Ferro 5:05     
2. Seculo Do Progresso 6:43     
3. Eu Sonhei Que Tu Estavas Tao Linda 7:20     
4. Ingenuo 2:45     
5. Der Falsche Raum     2:30     
6. Samba Do Budista 6:13     
7. Amoroso 12:41