Snekkestad / Fernandez / Guy - The Swiftest Traveler [vinyl]

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An exciting new international trio initiated by Scandinavian saxophonist Torben Snekkestad, accompanied by two esteemed international players in the field of improvised music – the Spanish pianist Agustí Fernández and the British double bass player Barry Guy. The music they create together is situated somewhere between free improvisation, free jazz, and contemporary classical music and executed with lightning fast interaction and explorative, innovative sounds and textures.

Line-up :
Torben Snekkestad: tenor & soprano sax, trumpet and clarinet
Agusti Fernández: piano
Barry Guy: double bass


But this album's not just a wall of one,two, three go! There's real subtlety here, with exploration of small melodic cells creating genuine suspense. In improvised music, making people wonder what's going to happen next rather than how much longer is a real achievement. - The Wire