Rudolph Moser - Metronia [vinyl + downloadcode]

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  • Producent: Potomak
  • Dostępność: Jest
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Premiera: 21.02.2020

Rudolph Moser (also known as Rudolf Moser), the "instrument maker and composer, musician and sound artist has provided many great projects with sound design and music" but is known best as the "drummer" of the Einstürzende Neubauten, is now releasing his second official solo album called Metronia on the band's own Potomak label. In 17 tracks, Moser opens the doors to the private collection of his research and work. The music changes in its multifaceted nature from minimalistic motifs, wide sound plateaus to tribal percussion pieces, to the "total wall" and islands of intimate moments and songs. Whether with marble plate, plastic pipes, sheet metal, steel springs, prepared car tires, rotor core of an aircraft turbine, large stone saw blade, timpani, or the reverberation of a steel ball weighing 20 kilos in an empty underground car park... Rudolph Moser knows how to extract a unique, magical sound from every seemingly non-musical object. This gives his music an absolutely personal and independent signature. Every time you listen, you discover new impulses and new levels. The album becomes an imaginary soundtrack and an individual sound cosmos. For some titles, Moser leaves the instrumental level for the first time and adds his vocals to the music. "Heaven" and "Euphobia" show that Moser can also write songs that give the album another color. Particularly surprising in this context is the piece "Cause You", a kind of duet in which Toni Kater suddenly appears and hits the soul with her wonderful and fine singing.

1 Maerz
2 Intro
3 Nautilus
4 Aral
5 Low
6 Heaven
7 Metronia
8 Solus
9 Euphobia
10 Imperia
11 Mer De Glace
12 Cause You
13 Gloria
14 Pallas
15 Mode Lumiere
16 Epilog