Reinhold Weber - Complete Electronic & Phonetic Works 1968-1974 [vinyl 2LP]

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Reinhold Weber, born in 1927, was known as a pioneer of electronic music. In his compositions, Weber placed a focus on twelve-tone music, he became increasingly fascinated in the field of computer music since the 1970s. He produced numerous works at the Studio for Electronic Music at the University of Karlsruhe.

Released in our Early Electronic series

Reinhold Weber was born in Gießen on July 18, 1927. He studied at Robert Schumann Conservatory in Düsseldorf (including composition with Jürg Baur, piano with Max Martin Stein) and passed his exam in composition, theory, piano and ear training with distinction. He completed further masterclasses with Wolfgang Fortner, Hermann Heiss, Oliver Messiaen (composition), Kurt Thomas (choral conducting), Andor Foldes (piano) and Gerhard Nestler (electronic music).
Reinhold Weber was a professor at the Baden Conservatory of Music in Karlsruhe and also worked in the Studio for Electronic Music of the University of Karlsruhe.
His works have been performed in numerous concerts and were broadcasted by SDR, WDR, NDR, HR, SWF and Radio Bremen.
Reinhold Weber died March 25, 2013.

Actor Kurt Müller-Graf was born in 1913. After visiting the Theater Academy of Baden in Karlsruhe, he appeared on stage at National Theaters of Karlsruhe,
Kassel and Munich since 1935. During World War II he performed in about 10 feature films by Bavaria Film Munich. After 1945 he played at National Theaters
in Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and at Theaters in Nuremberg, Cologne, Munich, Mannheim, Baden-Baden and Burgtheater Vienna. Furthermore he had guest performances in
Zurich, Basel, Salzburg and Heidelberg. Kurt Müller-Graf was touring and had broadcasts on radio and television shows at home and abroad.
Kurt Müller-Graf died August 10, 2013.

tracklisting 2LP

Elektronische Musik [1968-70]
side 1
1 Schöpfung / 26'40

side 2
2 Musica Mundana / 15'15

Elektronische Und Phonetische Kompositionen [1973-74]
side 3
3 Phoenix4000 [2nd version] / 11'45
4 Kosmische Vision II / 6'35
5 Kleines Requiem Zum Gedenken Der Toten Des 2. Weltkrieges
[little requiem to commemorate the victims of world war II] / 5'03

side 4
6 Protuberanzen [protuberances, 2nd version] / 5'00
7 Rauschetüde [noise etude] / 4'15
8 Missa Fonetica Für Eine Elektronisch Verfremdete Stimme
[missa fonetica for an electronically transformed voice, 1973]
speaker : Reinhold Weber / 9'15
9 Gammaexpress [gamma express] / 4'15