Philip Sanderson - Passionate Particles

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Premiera: 28.01.2022

Passionate Particles is an hour-long compilation of tracks by Philip Sanderson (Snatch Tapes/Storm Bugs) drawn from LP, CD, MC, and DL releases made between 2000 and 2021. Sanderson first started releasing music as part of Storm Bugs in the late 1970s as captured on the A Safe Substitute CD (Klang gg37).
He also set up his own Snatch Tapes cassette label releasing music by David Jackman and Alien Brains amongst others. This new album contains a mix of both instrumentals and songs. Reviews in the Wire magazine of the instrumental tracks described them as being akin to “a boiling vat of electronic music that occasionally sounds like the work of a mad scientist”, whilst the songs have a “flavour of what Kevin Ayers might cook up if he were alive and forced to work with the Residents”.

Full tracklist:
1. Lay-by Lullaby 2. Omeletto 3. Feeding Time 4. Body Snatcher 5. Crystal Set 6. Down A Denny Lane 7. Kite 8. Racing The Arctic Shadow 9. Summer With The Snow Bees 10. Pity The Small 11. View From A Hill 12. Rumble Of The Ruins 13. Slow Water 14. Morphover & Curl 15. Swing 16. Colour Buffer.