Peter Brötzmann Solo - I Surrender Dear [CD]

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A very special project with Peter Brötzmann.
While having a coffee in budapest in 2017 we talked about his desire of a big solo album, playing some of his favourite jazz tunes and own music, a grand bridge over the music of his life...

we invited him to come to Martin Siewert's studio in Vienna and the result is intense, touching and beautiful.


His music has always been informed by passion, pathos, melancholy, and hard-fought joy, all four of which were frequent ingredients for the likes of Gershwin, Hammerstein, and other revered American composers like Gillespie and Rollins, all of whom receive ardent nods from the German’s horn. He even takes a credible shot at gospel with the brief but bracing “Churchsong.” For a septuagenarian fellow who’s been in the game longer than most of his peers Brötzmann is still finding ways and means to engage in the totality of his history and experience. - Derek Taylor, dusted