Pere Ubu - Elitism For People 1975-1978 [4CD boxset]

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Ltd edition Bookback CD-Boxset, The beginnings of Pere Ubu. 'Elistism For The People 1975-1978' is a four-disc 'bookback' set featuring excerpts from the Pere Ubu scrapbook 75-82, written by David Thomas, including historical photos. It features the seismic debut album 'Modern Dance', it's follow up 'Dub Housing' and 'The Hearpen Singles' and the incendiary 'Live At Max's Kansas City'. The set collects the bracing and brilliant Pere Ubu in their earliest incarnation, with the devasting one-two knockout blow of 1978 studio bookends. No band before or since has ever sounded like Pere Ubu - period.

"The Modern Dance is one of the first and greatest art-rock records." The Guardian

"Reinventing rock music from the ground up, Pere Ubu are equally at ease with Sun Ra and The Monkees, Glen Campbell and The MC5, Can and The Raspberries, they are the white Funkadelic. Harsh and willfully ugly, yet always mindful of certain rock & roll imperatives: a solid beat, snappy lyrics and engaging themes" Rolling Stone