Pangea De Futura - War Milk [vinyl limited purple]

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Octet supergroup lead by Eric Quach aka Thisquietarmy. Including 3 drummers, guitar, synth & brass players (who also play in bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Exhaust, Hanged Up, Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche & more); Pangea De Futura brings together the merged and emerging territories of Montreal's exploratory music scene.

War Milk is the debut studio album from the supergroup Pangea de Futura, an octet that has been exploring since 2019, the many ways of - slowly - constructing massive textural musical shapes and droning tribal post-rock ambiances. Each track simultaneously encapsulates its structure emerging from and within a flux, alongside its impending entropy, creating a suspended moment.
This intense experience is crafted through the combined rhythmic contributions of Aidan Girt, Eric Craven, Samuel Bobony, the merging brass arrangements of Véronique Janosy,
Reüel Ordoñez, Neboysha Rakic, the electronic textures provided by Charles Bussières, and the intense drones / soundscapes created by Eric Quach's guitar playing. Eight musicians, involved - in total - in some fifty projects from the Montreal scene (a.o. : Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Zion, Fly Pan Am, Some Became Hollow Tube, HRSTA, BLD, Black Givre, Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche...)

Earth, Water, Air, Fire... the genesis of a complex and perpetually evolving life.

Pangea de Futura
ORIGIN: Montréal, QC, Canada
MUSICIANS & related bands:
* Samuel Bobony Drums (Black Givre, Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche, Fly Pan Am)
* Charles Bussières Synthesizers (BLD, En Fer, Squalor,...)
* Eric Craven Drums (BLD, Hanged Up, 1/4 Tonne, Ton(e) Rêve,...)
* Aidan Girt Drums (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Some Became Hollow Tubes, Exhaust, OSB,...)
* Véronique Janosy Trumpet (BLD, Darkwinds,Š)
* Reüel Ordoñez Trombone (BLD, En Fer, Squalor, Psychic Raccoon,...)
* Eric Quach - Guitars (Thisquietarmy, Thisquietarmy x Away, Some Became Hollow Tubes, Destroyalldreamers, Hypnodrone Ensemble, Houses of Worship,...)
* Neboysha Rakic Trumpet, Vox (BLD,...)

Pangea de Futura live :
"The unassuming supergroup Pangea de Futura- an alloy of experimental rock (Š) presented dense drone rock pieces for brass, electronics, guitar, and three drummers, which would not be out of place on a bill with the music of Bohren & der Club of Gore."

"(Š) A sign of protest to all that is wrong in the world? Loud and intense, full of passion and emotion, the music ended as it began - to the sound of a triangle and all musicians playing off a single note." - Avant Music News.

"Pangea de Futura (Š), a cosmic darkness, a heavy metal not reliant on rockism. The nine-piece band (1/3 drummers) succeeded not just by virtue of density but by fully occupying the zone they had created." NYC Jazz records.

Interview from Erich Quach :

Tracklisting LP

side 1
1. Little Black Eyes
2. With Many Legs

side 2
3. Global Ocean
4. Laurasia Coin