Ogives - La Mémoire des Orages [CD]

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At the border of genres, OGIVES is an ambitious musical project, initiated and led by composer and musician Pavel Tchikov.
This large ensemble leads us onto a path to a sacred universe, to a cathedral ofsounds, whose foundations are rock and classical music.
Born in Liège (Belgium), OGIVES offers a resolutely intense personal and poetic work, dominated by layers of melodious, polyphonic, shouted or lyrical voices.

This first album from OGIVES, 'La mémoire des orages' (The Memory of Storms), is build and orchestrated around poems written by two members of the group. These texts revolve around the themes of the perception of time and the perspective of death. We find here all the group's influences, ranging from post-rock, prog' to contemporary music, baroque and medieval music, through electronic music and noise, all exploited to forge a homogeneous and singular material. From the first choral notes to the last sharp riff, it is a dense and melancholic epic, carried by inhabited and versatile musicians. The album was mixed by Steve Albini.

Marie Billy vocals, keyboards
Zoé Pireaux vocals, flute
Tom Malmendier drums, percussion
Pavel Tchikov guitar, synthesizers, vocals, lyrics
Martin Chenel saxophones, vocals
Alexis Van Doosselaere drums, percussion, lyrics
Charlie Maerevoet saxophones, keyboards, vocals
Manu Henrion guitar, trombone, vocals


01. Patience 14'43
I. Au ruiseau des départs
II. La Mémoire des orages

02. Patience 7'43
III. La lenteur de la foudre
IV. Célérité sauvage

03. Mighty Pumpkin 8'59
04. Black Furrows 10'17

05. L'oubli /
Von Nun and Drängt Die Zeit 14'14
06. Mighty Pumpkin (reprise) 4'17

07. Patience
V. D'autres lunes
VI. Entre les secondes 15'16
08. Epilogue 2'13