Nurse With Wound - The Ladies Home Tickler... And Other Exotic Devices [vinyl 2LP color splatter]

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This expanded collection is the definitive version of The Ladies Home Tickler. An essential historical document for the new and lifelong NWW follower. Classic tape cut ups, radio sludge, surrealism and abstract chaos. The birth of NWW, a project that is now in its 5th decade.
Recorded back 1980, the NWW line-up for these recordings was: Steven Stapleton: Record player, cassette machine, noise. Jim Thirlwell: Bass, ergonomic jack plug, Wasp. William Bennett: Guitar, Wasp.
Tracks are:
Side 1: A. Registered Nurse (The Second Coming/Come Organisation) B. BONUS TRACK- Nana or a thing of uncommon nonsense
Side 2: A. Back, Sack and Crack (Oxymoron version, Automating Vol 1/United Dairies B. BONUS TRACK - Human, Human, Human_
Side 3: A. Duelling Banjo's (Hoisting the Black Flag/United Dairies) B. BONUS TRACK - Wisecrack
Side 4: A. Registered Nurse (Tickler version) B. BONUS TRACK - Monsanto Moon Perfectly and loving remastered by Andrew Liles.
Ultra limited Red/Black Splatter Double-Vinyl-LP!