Nova Materia - Xpujil (Made To Measure vol.45)

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Premiera: 25.06.2021

The Chilean/French duet are known for their hypnotic music which incorporates eerie sounds generated by raw and mineral materials (metal, rocks etc) to create tracks that are in turn hyper-rhythmic and dreamy, poised between postpunk rock and electronic dance music. The band have also been very active in the field of multimedia & performance arts, and Xpujil explores that other dimension of their talent. Released on Crammed's revered MADE TO MEASURE series (which is dedicated to experimental, minimal & ambient music), Xpujil consists of a single 40-minute track, which draws the listener into an aural, immersive experience. Based on sounds recorded by Nova Materia during a trip in the Mexican jungle, in Maya territory (Xpujil is the name of an old Mayan city, now lost in the middle of the forest), the album was then produced in the band's Parisian studio, and features contribution by electronic musician/drummer Ikue Mori (of DNA fame) and cellist Gaspar Claus. The album was mixed in binaural, and is best enjoyed on headphones. Nova Materia will be performing Xpujil in appropriate settings (museums, performance arts spaces), with multichannel immersive sound systems. Nova Materia are Caroline Chaspoul and Eduardo Henriquez, formerly with Panico, the alternative rock band they had created in Chile, with which they toured around the globe and released several albums.