Nihiloxica - Source of Denial [CD]

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Premiera: 29.09.2023

Source of Denial is the second LP from Nihiloxica, the Bugandan techno outfit hailing from Kampala, Uganda. It comes after more than three long years since Kaloli, their acclaimed debut on Crammed Discs. The album points a (middle) finger at the hostile immigration and freedom of movement policies implemented in the UK, as well as across the world. Fueled by their frustrations with this intentionally convoluted system, the group have produced their most cataclysmic effort to date.

1 Kudistro
2 Exhaust / Outsourced
3 Olutobazzi
4 Asidi
5 Interrogation / Welcome
6 Source Of Denial
7 Preloya
8 Postloya
9 Trip Chug
10 Baganga
11 Tuuka / Bulungi