Necks, The - Body

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Nowa płyta The Necks, premiera: 17.08.2018

The new NECKS studio record (there’s one every couple of years) will be officially released on August 17th. It’s another multi-layered classic and I won’t spoil it for you by trying to describe it. Though it’s their 20th, they still have a sack of fresh ideas - and even, on this record, a surprise! - as they further test the BIG structural idea that they have been slowly unravelling from the beginning. Patience, temperament, quiet virtuosity, concentration, economy - and a unique understanding of experienced time - confirm the Necks as one of today's few truly original bands. This record is a labyrinth; each listening different and each exposing further layers. 
Don’t think twice.

Australia’s greatest cult band, The Necks, has a new piece to offer the world this summer, entitled “Body”. Different again to all previous Necks albums (20 in total), the band has chosen 10 words and phrases that summarize the four richly contrasting episodes of this hour-long, mesmerizing groove. They are as follows: Episodic, Driving, Dynamic, Layered, Celebratory, Soaring, Rocking out, Buoyant, Sustained, Perfectly paced.

The album uses, yet again, the combination of Chris Abrahams (piano, keyboards) Tony Buck (drums, percussion, and guitar very much to the fore on this one) and Lloyd Swanton (acoustic bass) with Tim Whitten (engineer), who has recorded and/or mixed the last twelve Necks albums. The Necks hold their own with the best of them when it comes to rhythmic complexity, but they have put much of that to one side for this album in the interests of conjuring their most relentlessly driving album since "Hanging Gardens".