Muslimgauze - Zuriff Moussa

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"Instead of the drones and mostly beatless atmospheres of many previous Muslimgauze recordings, Zuriff Moussa presents quite a danceable switch for Bryn Jones. Dedicated to a Palestinian martyr, the album sounds like a cleaner version of Techno Animal, with Eastern influences instead of dub."Turkquoize Label" and"Brazil Marijuana" are surprisingly infectious, with distorted breakbeats and the patented Muslimgauze phased-channel drone. There are 24 tracks spread across more than an hour, so there isn't a large amount of time for each track, though several are presented in suites, like"Anti Arab America." For messed-up beat fans who are able to find it, Zuriff Moussa is close to a crucial purchase."

John Bush, All Music Guide

1     Turkquoize Jabel
2     Haaretz Pulp
3     Please Leave Calcutta As You Found It
4     Truth Tablet
5     Turkish Manipulator Of Limbs
6     Shah Of Persia
7     Farouk Head
8     Thief Of Sand
9     Thief Of Aqua
10     Open In
11     Shrine
12     Cloud Of Myrrh And Teargas Over Galilee
13     Brazil Marijuana
14     Your Mines In Kabul
15     Anti Arab America - One
16     Anti Arab America - Two
17     Anti Arab America - Three
18     Lost Zwawa
19     Why Iraq
20     Syrinj Of ...........
21     A Need For Suicide Bombazine
22     Feng Shui Orange
23     Hindustani Wireless Blackout
24     Fond Memories Of Idi Amin