Muslimgauze - Emak Bakia [vinyl + poster]

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Premiera: 27.09.2021

Emak Bakia – a long out of print Muslimgauze masterpieces from 1994. Even in the huge Bryn Jones discography Emak Bakia
really stands out of albums from that period due its rather unique (house-music related) sound and short, by the standards of
Bryn Jones, tracks. Like a crossmix between Psychic TV (circa Towards Thee Infinite Beat) and Muslimgauze’s trademark
percussion and eastern vibes.
Re-mastered and with new stunning artwork.
Released by Other Voices Records VOX 57 and KontaktAudio AKT00
1. Afghans Rev. V.01 02:43
2. Y.A. Rev. V.01 05:52
3. Missing Tibetans Rev. V.01 04:35
4. Y.A. Rev. V.02 04:15
5. Afghans Rev. V.02 02:44
6. Missing Tibetans Rev. V.02 05:33
7. Lahra Salam Rev. V.01 05:04
8. Y.A. Rev. V.03 06:02
9. Afghans Rev. V.03 03:28