Minoru Fushimi - Thanatos Of Funk [vinyl]

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Premiera: 27.05.2022

● Killer and cult shamisen electro funk from 1985 Japan!

● Minoru "Hoodoo" Fushimi's impossible to find first album finally reissued for the first time ever.

● Sound restoration, mastering and lacquer cut by Timmion Cutting Lab.

● 180g heavy vinyl pressing, reverse board print.

● Comes with a 4p insert including the original hand-written insert/comic by Minoru Fushimi, with English translations.


01: Thanatopsis
02: In Praise of Mitochondria
03: Shinzō-San
04: It Isn't Because of Hemoglobin
05: Hensachi-Sama
06: Foxy Lady
07: Gal's Blues
08: Panda Steak
09: Disco Thesis
10: Dompan (Private Funk)

Minoru "Hoodoo" Fushimi's most wanted and impossible to find first album Thanatos Of Funk is finally reissued for the first time ever, in collaboration with Fushimi himself. Thanatos Of Funk is a milestone in Japan's underground music and electro funk/early hip hop history. Entirely self-produced, designed and distributed in 1985 by Fushimi, a high-school teacher by day and music experimenter by night, Thanatos Of Funk is a love-letter to counter-culture, DIY, drum machines and synthesizers blent with some killer shamisen and guitar playing. This is truly unique music. The LP, re-mastered and cut at the Timmion Cutting Lab, comes with the original hand-written comic by Fushimi, with English translations. Essential!


Sound restoration, mastering and lacquer cut by Jukka Sarapää at Timmion Cutting Lab, Helsinki, Finland. B3 additional sound restoration by Lick-G at Zenknow Studio.

Original artwork and insert by Minoru Fushimi.

Artwork restoration and additional design by Nicolas Kerembellec (Nker.fr).

Insert translation by Minoru Fushimi.

Proofreading by Brian Durr, Diskotopia.

LP reissue production by Greg Gouty, 180g.

180GRELP02 - Manufactured and distributed by 180g, under license from Minoru Fushimi.